This 317 square foot Tiny House is built by Tiny Innovations

Building a tiny house is quite the adventure, whether you're building it yourself or having it built by someone else, there is a lot that goes into the building process. Here is a great example of a modern tiny house on wheels with a sleek and stylish design that anyone can take inspiration from in the building of their own tiny house. You may have noticed by now, that all tiny houses are created differently, which is kind of hard to believe sometimes considering the limited amount of space you're working with when building a tiny house on wheels. You'd think that there are only so many ways to configure the designs and to place items within the tiny house. As it turns out, within the 100, 200 or 300 square feet you're given to work with when building a tiny house; there are so many different ways you can arrange the design. From having loft space bedrooms to having no loft spaces at all, to having bathtubs in the bathroom, and even having roof top patio space, there are things that you may have never even thought of that exist on tiny houses. Some people even fit hot tubs and rock climbing walls into their tiny house designs which is pretty incredible.

This tiny house was definitely inspired by the modern design concepts circulating these days. The clean, white and natural wood which make such a great combination. The exterior has white siding mixed with some wooden lap siding that makes for a very modern, clean look. They went with a black metal roof, and black siding around all of the windows and the door, even the windows themselves are black on the outside, and the door is also black. Inside, the home is just as sleek as on the exterior. Within the home, the designers chose darker wood finishes for the floors and the wooden ceiling planks. In the kitchen, they chose a white cabinet with brushed stainless steel door pulls to bring in more of the lighter, airier feel into the home. The walls were also done in white to create the sense of a larger space within the home. Using white in smaller spaces is one of the best tricks to make small spaces feel larger. Light reflects off of white walls which bring more light into the space allowing it to feel larger, whereas darker walls would absorb light, making it feel smaller or cozier.

The kitchen space has butcher board countertops and a beautiful honeycomb glass tile in grey tones. They installed a full-size stainless steel oven in the kitchen as well as a large stainless steel sink and a large stainless steel fridge in there too. There's also a washer dryer combo unit in the home which makes doing laundry a breeze. The staircase has tons of storage in it which is great for keeping things organized and providing more storage space. By the kitchen is the bathroom area which comes with a lovely large wooden vanity that has two faucets and a floating toilet. The shower space is done with marble, which adds to that luxurious, modern style. The loft spaces are actually a good size, and because of the shed roof, there is lots of head room at one end. If you're thinking about building a tiny house on wheels of your own, checking out different designs like this one will only work to inspire you toward designing and building the home of your dreams. Enjoy looking through all of the photos of this tiny house design and see what you think.***

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