There is Something To Be Said About Great Converted Barn Homes

Theres something about a barn home conversion that is hard to resist. And this rustic farmhouse home design by SHED Architects is a good example of some of the things you can do with a barn style house. Maintaining the character of the home design while catering to modern tastes is no easy feat. And this countryside home design carries the original shape of the structure, with its wood clad facade and barn doors, and brings that aesthetic inside with natural elements such as the warm wood floors and walls, and exposed-beam ceilings that were repurposed from the barn. In this barn home conversion, there are also contemporary touches such as the living room window wall and the open industrial-style staircase, both details that take this barn home conversion into the modern day. You will want to take a look for yourself at this beautifully detailed barn style house and home design.

SHED architects changed this barn into an amazing modern barn style house. The shape of the barn remained the same, but it was refined into what it is today. Inside you can see some of the details that remind you of a barn like the rough wood on the walls or the natural wooden floor. Every room in the barn style house is developed around a minimal palette of building materials and color, with extensive re-use of the existing barn materials. Some of these building materials included the re-use of the original barn siding for the interior paneling, the re-milling of the salvaged floor joists for the stair material, the trim and the countertops. These building materials are durable. The interior thanks in part to these building material solutions is very warm and cozy.

And it seems that barn home conversions are more popular than ever. There is a wonderful quality that exists with barns, and if they have a look and feel that you are going for, they can become the home design of your dreams. Of course, there are pros and cons to a barn home conversion, and one of the cons is that you are often limited in what you might do depending on the style of the barn. One example might be that on some barns, the builders will insist on the central bay being left to its full height in many period barns, which means that the first-floor bedrooms often get split into two wings. Which means with some barn home conversions you will have to choose to have the main bedroom at one end of the building and another one at the opposite end, off of a separate staircase. And with that said, living in a barn conversion can be dependent to a large extent on the character of your chosen barn building and the quality of the conversion work. For example, many barn home conversions attract home buyers because they are located in beautiful rural locations-places where you would never achieve planning permission to build a new home design these days. Other barns, however, are adjacent to working farms or are part of small outbuilding development, which means that privacy, space and views might be limited. The very best barns might combine the drama and features of the original barn building with the practicality and the comforts of a new barn style house and barn style home design. Each barn home conversion will have details that make it unique.

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