Shipping Container Tiny House Fits It All In including a Rooftop Deck, Check This Out!

If the thought of a tiny house design with a rooftop patio sounds like something you might like, then you will want to take a closer look at this steel container home. This 160 square foot shipping container plan has a lot of details that inspire. With storage, sleeping/living area, kitchen, and a bathroom with a fully composting toilet. The tiny house design has a rain shower that opens up to nature, and a rooftop deck for entertaining and enjoying the fresh air. This steel container home is turnkey and comes complete with all the custom furniture. This steel container tiny house design fits it all in. With storage, a sleeping/living area, kitchen with refrigerator, and a bathroom with a fully composting toilet, rain shower that opens to nature. The tiny house design also has a tankless water heater and a rooftop deck. This steel container home is fully insulated turnkey and comes complete with all the custom furniture. This tiny house design must be moved and is for sale for $15,000. The following are just some of the benefits of choosing a shipping container plan.

1. Affordable. The biggest incentive and advantage of choosing a steel container home is that they are quite affordable. Getting a used steel container and converting it into a tiny house design is far less expensive than getting a home in the most affordable part of the city. And you might not even find what you are looking for within your price range. But with steel container home designs, all you need to do is to look, and you will have a variety of options.

2. Steel containers are easy to use and to construct. Contrary to what a steel container looks like, it is quite easy to pull off a shipping container tiny house design. All you need is a steel container, a company that you can purchase or rent a steel container from, a couple of delivery guys who are ready to maneuver it into your back yard or piece of property and a shipping container plan. You'll want to add doors or windows or need possibly a stair case, and you will soon have the tiny house design of your dreams.

3. With a shipping container plan, you can have your tiny house design sooner, than later. This is the idea behind all shipping container plans. On average, a steel container takes a total of about a couple of months to be up and standing and ready for you to move into, right from the time of booking with the steel container company. In some cases, you may even inform the steel container company about what you need it to look like and those changes can be made even before the steel container delivery is made. So you can see your dream tiny house design and shipping container plan come to life.

4. Environment friendly. Steel container homes are an environmentally friendly housing option. Shipping container homes might be doing some good for the environment which feels good. Most steel container companies offer both old and new containers, both, to be used as homes.

5. Personal style with a steel container tiny house design. One of the biggest benefits of a steel container home design is that you can make sure the exact thing you need. Steel container architecture is designed according to what you choose, so you can make it reflect exactly who you are. You will find this shipping container plan on the Home Blings site. On the site you will find home designs, steel container homes, tiny house designs, shipping container plans and more. **

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