Here is a Tiny House With a Downstairs Master Bedroom

Do you get excited to see new tiny house designs? If so, here's a new one featured on Living Big In A Tiny House. Bryce interviews Rachel and Andrew who live together in their tiny house on wheels with their 9 year old son, Manny. The family embraces small house living in their home which is only 24 feet long and it's incredible what they have been able to fit into their tiny house design. So for those with kids, who think that small house living might be too cramped, they can check out this tiny house and see that it actually can work. There are even tiny houses with 5 family members living in one space comfortably. Most often the parents want to make the shift to living tiny to save money and to be able to spend more time with their kids. This way they can also save up for retirement while helping their kids out with college tuition and other expenses as their growing up until they're out on their own. Another great idea that some families have had, is to help their adolescent child build their own tiny house on wheels to use while they are going to college. Think of how much money they would save in the long run, and they wouldn't have to stay in crowded college dorms.

The couple lives near Ashville, Tennesee which is a pretty expensive place to live. When they decided to build their tiny house, they set out and built it within a year and were able to pay off their debt. They came up with their own design using inspiration from tiny house shows and other tiny houses on wheels they had seen and Andrew has years of building experience so what they built is really beautiful. First of all, the parking space for this tiny house is incredible. They managed to find a great spot in the forest surrounded by trees and nature. Just think about how amazing it would be to wake up in this setting every morning. This tiny house on wheels certainly packs a lot into it including a master bedroom on the main floor, plus two lofts. This would be a great idea for those who couldn't or would prefer not to climb stairs or a ladder each night to get to bed. They also fit in a great kitchen and a living room area with a really long storage couch for lounging and a table that comes off the wall to be used for dining.

The tiny house design has a very nice minimalist feel to it too. It has a lot of great storage which helps to keep things organized, and they used a lot of great high-quality materials for their build too. They also fit in a full-size gas stove since Rachel does a lot of baking and cooking so she wasn't willing to give up having that in her kitchen for a small convection oven. There's also an apartment sized fridge which is perfect for families as it can store more food than the mini fridges people sometimes use in a tiny house on wheels. Anything that will make small house living easier is what people should consider adding to their design. They also have an all in one washer and dryer unit which is great to have for laundry. Their bathroom is also great, with a nice shower and a vanity as well as a composting toilet which is great for tiny houses on wheels. Enjoy the full tour of this tiny house and see what you think of it.***

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