Here Is a Cabin Tiny Home Style Built For A 6 foot 10 inch tall NBA Player

Have you ever wondered what a tiny house for tall people looks like? Well, you're in luck, because here is a tiny house design that was created for an NBA basketball player. The tiny house on wheels called The Cabin is 238 square feet and was built by Viva Collectiv a tiny house building company. They designed it especially for 2 time NBA champion Matt Bonner who's six foot ten. He wanted a little cabin in New Hampshire and thought a tiny house on wheels would be the perfect thing. So the Viva Collectiv team got together and started designing a tiny house for Matt that would accommodate his tall build. This is a great way for anyone tall to see that tiny house living doesn't just have to be for short or tiny people. You can modify anything in a tiny house design to accommodate any need including height. There are other tiny house designs that accommodate people in wheelchairs or people with mobility issues. So it shows people that anything is possible when it comes to building a tiny house on wheels. So make sure you check out the full tour of Matt's not so tiny, tiny house on wheels and see if you could picture yourself living in one.

The cabin immediately feels warm, right upon seeing it. Even the exterior of the house is very warm and inviting. It definitely looks like a sweet little cabin in the woods. The exterior is done with wooden siding and metal roofing set on a heavy duty trailer for mobility. Once inside the tiny house, you'll see a great living room area with a couch and a tiny wood burning fireplace as well as a TV above. There are even two entrances into the tiny house, one on the side and one on the back of the home. The kitchenette shares space with the living room, much like in a hotel. There's a mini bar fridge and a sink with a counter top range for cooking. There even seems to be a mini dishwasher as well. While there's not a lot of counter space or cabinet space, this won't be Matt's full-time residence, and he'll only be using this for vacationing. Down a slight hallway, there's the bathroom and then the bedroom. The bathroom is beautifully done with subway tile which always looks great in any home. The bathroom is really where you can make an impact with tiles and beautiful hardware, and since it's such a small space, it won't cost too much for the tiling.

In the bedroom at the back, there's a twin sized bed with Edison style bulbs hanging throughout the room giving it a very magical feel. This would be a great bedroom area for one person, but a double be might also fit in here too. It's always nice to see the bedroom on the main floor as an option because many people don't like the idea of having to climb a ladder or stairs to get into and out of bed. The loft area is a good spot for some storage or another little lounging area or sleeping area. It's cool that they left the ceiling open for him because of his height, but also because an open ceiling space creates the illusion of more space in the home. All of the windows in the space also help create the feeling of a more open and airy space while providing great views. Enjoy looking through the photos of this cool tiny house design and see if it's a design you love.***

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