Have A Glimpse At This Spacious Storage Integrated Goose-neck Tiny Home Open Concept Interior

This is a tiny house design with a lot of style. Featured on Home Blings YouTube channel is Eric and Oliver's goose-neck tiny house on wheels. Their beautiful home measures 33 feet long by 10 feet wide which is wider than most tiny houses on wheels which are normally 8.5 feet wide maximum. The home was built by Mitch Craft Tiny Homes a company run by Mitch out of Fort Collins, Colorado. Mitch started being interested in tiny house living and tiny houses on wheels when he was building his own tiny house. He worked as a cabinet and wood worker before, so he had knowledge on how to build, which was translated into his work building tiny houses. He loves working on the tiny house design creating different floor plans and figuring out the best way to fit everything into one small space. He also prides himself on using the best quality materials which are sometimes passed over in the construction of homes these days for cheaper materials. The company also works one on one with each of their clients to bring them the custom designs they have in mind.

This tiny house is a great size, but would be best for those who are going to remain parked for longer durations. The smaller tiny house designs are more portable since they are smaller and lighter to tow as well as easier to park. But, you can see how much a couple of extra feet can provide you if you go with a larger tiny house design like this one. The theme of the house is very natural with a south western or Mexican style to it. They've incorporated a lot of the rich, earthy tones as well as some beautiful textiles in oranges, reds and yellows. The living room space is super comfortable with a hand built sectional couch with built in storage and a bookshelf to keep a bunch of books which is great for all the book lovers out there. There's also a wood burning stove right beside the living room which would keep it nice and cozy in there on colder days and nights, and it would also provide some great ambience in the space. The living room is also elevated that can also be converted into a second bedroom. The sleeping loft is located above the bathroom and fits a nice queen sized bed in it.

Then the kitchen has tons of counter space and cabinet space in it which is great for storing all the kitchen gadgets and tools. They painted the cabinets a lovely blue colour which makes it feel so bright and cheery which is what you need some mornings. There's a countertop extension which gives even more counter space and a fold out leaf which also provides some extra space to use for food prep or dining. There's also a full sized fridge and stove which would make food prep even easier, just like a regular sized kitchen. The windows are awesome and let in tones of natural light which instantly makes the space feel brighter and more open. They kept the ceilings high throughout the space, except in the bathroom where the loft is placed over top. The high ceilings also create the illusion of more space as well. The bathroom includes a nice shower area as well as a great bowl sink and a large vanity. If you're considering building a tiny house on wheels looking at this tiny house design will be so inspirational especially if you want to go a little bigger with your designs and floor plan.***

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