21 Year Old Converts Van To Beautiful Home On Wheels

When it comes to tiny houses on wheels, there are a number of ways people can take their lives on the go. There are tiny houses built on trailers which give the feel and the look of a real home, but that have the mobility and practicality of a mobile home or RV. Then, there are those who create tiny houses on wheels out of busses which can be pretty cool too and quite large. The smaller version of a tiny house design would be vans that are converted into tiny houses on wheels. This is the most practical for someone who wants to live cheap on the go with some of the comforts of home. But when you create a van home you have to be really resourceful about where you get your other needs met such as where will you get water and where will you shower and go to the bathroom? There have been people living in their cars for years, but just more recently, it's become popular in the mainstream, especially with young adults looking for an affordable way to live.

Mila has embraced what people are now calling "van life" by converting an old Chevy Astro Van into an awesome tiny house on wheels. She wants to save money to buy a sail boat and living smaller in the van will also help her transition to sail boat living in the future, so it's a really smart idea she's had. In this video created by Bryce from Living Big In A Tiny House, Mila shows us her van home, and they also cover some of the aspects of van life. Because while there are so many great things that come with living in a van, there are also some things that take a little more effort than just living in an apartment. Mila found her van for only $600, which seems like a steal of a deal but it was in need of some serious work. She did find a lot of mould in it and was considering selling it after she gutted it, but once she did, she saw the potential of all the space inside and decided to make it into a little home for herself. With the help of her partner, she was able to install wood flooring and siding to create a homey atmosphere and then she also installed a bed and some shelving which makes it more liveable full time.

They took a lot of time to draw out different plans and eventually came up with one that suited her needs. Her partner is luckily a carpenter, so he was able to not only help her build, but to teach her how to build too. The floor plan of her van is really great, and the entire space in the back of the van can turn into a bed which is really cozy. Then, there is a space with shelving that has a fold out table on it as well so when it's not in use, it can hide away all of her items. She made curtains to block out the light at night and to create more privacy within her van home. Mila says that parking her van isn't too difficult since it just looks like an ordinary van and fits in with any surrounding. For cooking, she has a little propane stove, and she has friends that welcome her into their home to cook and use their bathroom for showers. She also uses 24 hour bathrooms and does her laundry in the laundromat. If you're interested in van life, be sure to watch the entire video on YouTube to find out more.***

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